Park & Outdoor Furniture

We offer a selection of park and outdoor furniture that works well in both public and private environments. For many of the models, it is possible to choose whether the furniture


Fall protection base

A public playground always needs a fall protection area and the rules for this area are specified in the EU standard for playground safety EN1177. Most common is sand but there



More and more opportunities for training and exercise are created outdoors and we have the tools and equipment that will create an attractive training environment. Whether it’s an outdoor gym, part



With a focus on attractive and fun high-quality playground environments, we can offer a competitive alternative to the well-known players. We have an attractive and advantageous solution for …


Our selection

We are the most affordable option when looking for playground equipment and outdoor gym. Fine products in wood or metal and we are always available to discuss your project. Take a special


Planning Tips

When planning a new playground or refreshing an existing playground, it is good to consider the following aspects: Age category: How old are the children who will primarily use the


About us

Active World Sweden works to activate children with fun, fine and high quality products. Our goal is to promote outdoor play and an active lifestyle by offering good and well-designed playground


Safety and quality

Playgrounds that are located in places where many can use require certain safety requirements to be met. These are specified in EU standards EN1176 and EN1177 and apply to the playground

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