Safety and quality

Playgrounds that are located in places where many can use it require certain safety requirements to be met. These are specified in EU standards EN1176 and EN1177 and apply to both the playground equipment itself and the fall ground. It is the property owner or the board of the business that is responsible for the safety of the playground. If an inspection of the playground is needed, we can provide contacts for it.

Since most of the products we offer are type-approved by TÜV to fulfill the requirements of EN1176, any playground inspection will not cause any problems. Of course, the type approval requires the installation to be carried out in accordance with the instructions with the safety distances and supporting requirements that apply, but in case of uncertainty, an inspector can be consulted during the construction phase of the project. A simple guideline is to have a safety distance of at least two meters around the entire play equipment.

The products for playgrounds we supply are manufactured by a supplier who is ISO certified for both quality and environment in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Processes verified by Bureau Veritas.

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