Glued laminated pine wood

Metal parts, galvanized, powder coated or stainless steel

HDPE boards

Steel core ropes or six re-bar reinforced rope with soft coating

Galvanized metal anchors

EN-1176 Standard


Asphalt pavements or concrete cubeIts use is advantageous wherever there is exercise or smooth surfaces are required. As a substrate for table tennis, badminton or basketball boards which are not used professionally, but for entertainment. They can also be used as surfaces for exercises in the field of traffic rules or other games with the use of wheeled devices (roller skates, skateboards).
The ground surface – grassy. It is the most typical surface for playgrounds with a drop height from devices up to 1.00 m. However, when using devices on such a surface, we must be aware that the intensive use of such a surface is associated with its trampling. Another reason why this substrate may be onerous is its dependence on weather conditions. Even a few hours after the rain has subsided, you can wet your shoes when entering the lawn. Depending on the method of implementation, however, it is a soft substrate, but if we do not want it to turn into a dirt floor, it requires more careful care. In terms of price, however, they are an attractive alternative to other surfaces.
Sand surface. The use of sand in a playground is related to safety and applies to events on the playground. However, its quality is important. It must be washed sand, without any silts and loams with a fraction of 0.2-2 mm. There is also a problem with the dept of the sand as it variate du to kids movements, minimum dept is 30cm The use of such a substrate is, unfortunately, a bit problematic because often the sand spills into shoes and other garments in an uncontrolled manner and contributes to spreading. Unfortunately, it is also often soiled by various rubbish brought by children and animal faeces, which willingly take care of their needs in such places.
Gravel surface. The gravel fields are made of rounded, washed gravel with a fraction of 2-8 mm. The surface is laid with a layer of min. 30 cm can become a substrate against the dangerous effects of impacts. Such a surface can also be used all year round, even in bad weather conditions. It is especially worth using for climbing, sliding and swinging devices. However, it is not suitable for playing football or running. The advantage of this surface is also the fact that it does not “spread” like sand and cleans automatically after each rain.
Chip paving – bark. These surfaces provide good protection against falls, they also have an enhanced fun-stimulating effect, as they are perceived as a forest substrate. However, in the rain they can stain clothes and in summer when using this surface in sandals they can cause numerous stings and scratches.

The surface is made of rubber plates The thickness of such a surface is related to the fall height, which is to protect against the dangerous effects of falls. It can be poured as a homogeneous mass over the entire substrate or laid out of smaller elements. It guarantees safety in the event of right-angle falls and prevents the skull base from breaking. However, where fun is not only related to the use of equipment, swinging and sliding, but also running, it can sometimes lead to unpleasant skin is the most expensive substrate but the best investment over time, as low or none maintains is required. It is also always secure with the correct fall protection if compared to sand for example, that need to be monitored in periods of time to make sure the depth is not to low in some places.


All devices offered in our offer have certificates of compliance with the EN 1176 standard issued by an accredited certification body – TÜV

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