Compact play stand Many play moments on small surface Our best-selling playground (BRL23) Lots of play opportunities even with a small budget
Lots of play opportunities even with a small budget
Playground equipment that children enjoy

Mr. BRL32
Large playground with lots of choices Fun for a wide age group Compact play stand Have fun!
Small playground for younger children Lots of play opportunities even with a small budget
Maintenance-free playstand
Lots of play opportunities
Large home playground
Realize your child's dream
Sports Arena
Available in many different sizes and designs
Swing board pairs with two
independent seesaws
Available in several variants and forms
Summer Camp

A positive student experience. Language progression and social improvement by living in an lively and enjoyable environment.

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sport summer

Campers will learn and compete in team sports, including basketball, lacrosse, soccer, softball and volleyball. Come and join in!

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Play As You Learn

Learning Center

Our team is so happy to help your children develop properly through hands-on learning and fun experiences.

With Love and Care

We have the most caring and loving teachers and babysitters, so be sure our child is safe and happy with our team.

Health and Safety

Our center is supplied with the next generation equipment to ensure your child’s well-being and proper developing.

Family Support

Isn’t it a happiness to finally find out that your family has found a child care that is so loving and supporting?

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  • Happy little girl painting in her room
  • Hands Together
  • Small jumping boy holding bunch of balloons
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